• Denka Elegrip Tape (Back Grinding Tape)

    Back grinding tape is used to protect the circuit surface from damage by foreign matter, chipping, cracking and contamination during back grinding process. With developments of jumbo-sized and thinned wafer and high bumped wafer, the function required to the BG tape are (1) low contamination levels, (2) highly close contact to wafer, and (3) easiness of peeling. Elegrip BG tape meets these requirements.


  • DENKA Elegrip Tape (Dicing Tape)

    A dicing tape is used for fixing a work piece during the dicing process in the manufacturing of semiconductors, electronic and optical components. With greater diversity and higher quality in chips, dicing tapes also require advanced technology. Elegrip dicing tape is used widely in a variety of applications including silicon and GaAs semiconductors (compound semiconductors), encapsulated package substrates, ceramics, glass, and crystals.


  • Dummy Wafer

    Dummy wafer is mainly used for experiment and test. They are different from product wafers. Reclaimed wafers are mostly applied as dummy wafers. Dummy wafers are used in production device to improve safety in the beginning of production process. They are also being used for delivery check and evaluation of process form. Size and thickness are import criterias in selecting dummy wafers.