Equipment Division - VMX

The Q5800 is a multi-purpose, portable measurement tool combining abnormal wear metals analysis, particle counting, viscosity and IR spectroscopy into a compact, field-based system. The battery-powered device is an ideal tool for maintainers of mobile, high cost equipment who need a complete lubricant assessment for condition-based decisions. it's rugged design accommodates a variety of environments requiring transportation in the field.

The Q6000 Fuel Dilution Meter (FDM) is a portable fuel dilution meter that can be used in the laboratory or in the field to provide rapid and accurate measurements of fuel contamination in engine oil.

High accuracy kinematic viscosity measurements for easy detection of viscosity variations caused by contamination, mixed up and oil degradation.

The Fluidscan Q1000 immediately detects lubricant contamination, degradation and cross contamination in mineral and engines. This includes gear, hydraulic, turbine and transmission oils as well as biodiesel and diesel blends. It analyzes for TAN, TBN, oxidation, nitration, sulfation, additive depletion and incorrect (or mixed up) lubricant within water content, soot and glycerin. It can also analyse FAME in biodiesels.

The SpectroVISC Q300 is a bench-top semi automatic kinetic temperature bath viscometer optimized for the analysis of used and new lubricants. it conforms to the requirements in ASTM D445, D446, D7279, IP 71 and ISO 3104.

The Spectro LNF Q200 series features LaserNetFines™, the world's best practice counter technology. The Q200 series is fast, accurate and easy to use. It has intuitive, configurable GUI and no calibration required.

The quality and stability of the Q100's solid state optics provides reliable trending data to determine the actions required to protect the health of your critical equipment. This can potentially save thousands in repair costs and downtime.

The Spectroil M/F-W has become the standard on-site instrument when immediate fuel analysis is a necessity. It fulfills the requirements of ASTM D6728, Standard Test Method for Determination of Contaminants in Gas Turbine and Diesel Engine Fuel by Rotating Disc Electrode Atomic Emission Spectrometry.

CSR5000 is useful for evaluate for thin films like DLC, TiN, ITO, CrN and optical parts. We can measure and determine adhesion strength between thin films less than 1 micron and substrates using micro scratch method. Evaluation output for the critical point of films fracture can be obtained.

TAC1000 Pressure-Sensitive Tack of Adhesive Test equipment measures adhesive of solder paste, tape and other adhesive materials. This method is to measure the adhesive force by pressuring and separating the adhesive side of samples using the probe.

PTR1102 BONDING TESTER is a sample and robust equipment for wire pull test and die shear test. RHESCA has many equipment installed in Japanese enterprises and their overseas facilities.

5200TN robust solderability testing platform is renowned for its superior build quality and exceptional performance. 5200TN has been designed to integrate with the widest range of method for solderability testing. Our development is in a bid to lesson the burden of the user and they have good repeatability. The unique design of the 5200TN allows state of the art performance without requiring for solderability testing technique.

Vue 400-P imaging power surpasses modern standards, delivering premium FA Lab features to semi conductor facilities.

The VUE 250 Single Channel is the latest in scanning acoustic microscope technology. It offers flexibility for both your production and lab departments. The system's scan axis is maintenance free while the step and focus axis are low maintenance.

The latest development of FT150 is an optimal device for ultra thin coatings of micro connectors, flexible boards and lead frames. It utilized a high luminance, 30µm diameter X-ray beam delivered bu poly-capillary optics. FT150h is a model capable of challenging coating thickness measurements including tin(Sn) and silver (Ag). Newly developed software offers improved operability and efficient data management.

The FT110A has a new auto focus function which allows the samples optical image to be focused within a few seconds automatically. Thus the onerous manual adjustment is not required, resulting in drastic improvement in throughput. Wide view observation is designed specially for PCB board to achieve images with ease.

The EA6000VX has the capability of measuring hazardous substances over the entire surface are of the sample. With this mapping ability, it can measure a specific microscopic point within the mapped area. These tasks cannot be done by conventional instruments.

Meeting both demands for screening inspection in compliance with RoHS/ELV. It has advanced analysis features. Equipped with the unique XRF detector "Vortex" that has high resolution, high sensitivity and high count rate. EA1200VX remarkably improves sensitivity. Combined with precision control software, it greatly shortens measurement time.

The EA1000VX is fully adapted to the recent requirement for environmental regulation. It can quickly measures hazardous substances with ease. Higher speed measurements and various new functions greatly improves inspection efficiency.

The EA1000AIII Fluorescent X-ray Analyzer is being developed based on optimal costing. This can be achieved by developing precision control and standardized software. Also, compared to our previous models, inspection tome is reduced by 1/3 and throughput improved. New Material Identification Measure Mode is easier for users to select recipe file.

The E+H geometry gauges are based on two heavy plates mounted parallel to each other. Embedded in the plate are a set of capacitive distance sensors. The wafer will be moved manual or automatically between the plates and measured without any movement.

The E+H geometry gauges are based on two heavy plates mounted parallel to each other. Embedded in the plate are a set of capacitive distance sensors. The wafer will be moved manual or automatically between the plates and measured without any movement.

Specially designed for Wafer Die, Crack/Edge Chip detection, surface measurements and analysis. It can be used as a production tool for inline quality inspection as well as a research and development tool for establishing standards and researching tolerances.

The MPT1000 utilizes a sophisticated non-contact measurement technology with a focused laser sport on the wafer surfaces. Users can measure structured taped wafers after the backgrind or dicing. This advance wafer measurement system has the capability of measuring both thickness and roughness within the same tool.