Equipment Division - VMX

Model / Specs / Application

Range of Analysis

10mN full scale

50mN full scale


0.1% full scale

Solder Temperature

RT. to 400°

Size of Solder Pod

I.D. 60mm Depth 30mm or 60mm

Dwell Time

1 to 999 sec

1 to 999 min

Immersion Depth

0.01 to 1mm/sec;0.01mm/sec steps

1 to 20mm/sec; 0.1mm/sec steps

Immersion Speed

0.1 to 1mm/sec;0.1mm/sec steps

1 to 5mm/sec; 0.5mm/sec steps

5 to 30mm/sec;5mm/sec steps

Travel of Stage

±5(X) x ±5(Y) mm


467(W) x 475(D) x 556(H) mm

Electro Balancing

Auto Zero Function