4Wave’s Z-Flex tool is a versatile platform with the capability of performing Ion Beam Etching (IBE, RIE, CAIBE) and Ion Beam Deposition (IBD) or Biased Target Deposition (IBS) in a common vacuum environment. It is fully computer controlled featuring a single wafer transfer system. The Z-Flex platform can also be incorporated in the 4Wave Cluster Tool. It has a large application base in markets including MEMS, Thin film optics, Semiconductor and Data Storage.

The Laboratory Alloy and Nanolayer System (LANS) is 4Wave’s Flagship R&D system. This system has received wide acceptance in the academic materials research world. Equipped with multiple processing targets, it is a very versatile platform for multilayer material synthesis and compositional nanotechnology.

4Wave’s cluster tool is the premier Sputtering system. The platform incorporates the most advanced engineering for performance and uptime. It is fully computer controlled featuring advanced wafer scheduling and LOT management. The 4Wave cluster tool addresses the highest performance in markets including MEMS, Thin Film Optics, Semiconductor and Data Storage.

The 4Wave Load Lock Etch System is a flagship product addressing several significant markets. This system boasts high performance etching, critical thin film profile milling, glancing angle milling, etc. 4Wave Single Wafer Load Lock Etching Systems addresses the needs of customers seeking a flexible, cost-effective, small-footprint, ion-etching/ion processing workhorse for general purpose research and production applications.

SCHOLLY has more than 40 years' experience stands for the expertise to make concealed structures visible and accessible for minimal invasive treatment or non destructive inspection using microoptics, fiberoptics, mechanics, software and electronics.

SCHOLLY provides various specification of borescope, fiberscope for industrial use and able to integrate with digital camera for video recording or image capture.

Nikon Engineering expand the MEMS Stepper product line to satisfy the unique Photolithgraphy requirements of Air Bearing Surface (ABS) fabrication for magnetic heads, Micro Emitting Diodes (LED), as well as optoelectronics, discrete semiconductors and crystal oscillator manufacturing. Those specialized Nikon lithgraphy solutions deliver maximum stepper yield at the lowest possible cost.

Nikon Engineering is an R&D oriented company that develops and supplies high precision optical systems to archieve customers' nanotechnology requirements. The products such as Projection Exposure System, ultraviolet wavelength optic tools and systems, and microscope components are widely been used in the market. The expertise throughout the years of experience in machine customization meets the various application needs for customers.

Geomagic Capture is a powerful turnkey 3D scanner that enables fast inspection and reverse engineering. Small yet powerful system that used the power of blue LED structured light for accurate scanning. Compact and portable system, fits easily in a suitcase for travel convenience. All scan artwork can be print from 3D printer as total reserve engineering solution.

Photron is the world's leading manufacturer of high speed digital imaging systems. Photron high speed camera has become a trusted solution in world-wide leading institution and industries to provide reliability and  high performance (up to 800,000 fps) in the most challenging imaging applications.

Nikon laser scanners are ideally suited for 3D inspection and reverse engineering applications. High speed scanning possible for any material with ESP3 technology (Enhanced Sensor Performance). Highest accuracy laser scanner in the market is available.

SCI Automation (SCI) is a leading manufacturer of plasma cleaning and surface treatment equipment in the global. SCI, with its cleaning business for over 15 years with experience in the area of advanced semiconductor packaging and assembly. Be it inline, standalone, strip by strip or batch, SCI provided a wide range of standard or customized solution for plasma and vacuum process requirement.

Nikon manufactures X-ray and Computed Tomography (CT) inspection systems to get the inside picture of complex industrial parts, by looking into the internal structure. The CT capability is used to qualify and quantify any inner or outer dimension in a smooth and non-destructive process. All models are using micro focus, and open tube source, and Nikon is the only company produce the 320kV and above microfocus X-ray source.

Laser Radar is the only solution available that provides automated, non-contact measurement capability for large-volume applications of up to 50 meter radius. The new generation of metrology instruments precisely measures large-scale geometry without requiring photogrammetry targets, laser tracker spherically mounted retro-reflectors, retro-reflector or probes.

Nikon offers 7-axis highly precise and portable inspection system in both standard accuracy and high accuracy model. Wide range of arm length, from 2m up to 4.5m long for different application requirement. Can be equipped with Nikon Laser scanner for high speed measurement and reserve engineering solution. Seamless switch between touch probe and laser scanner function.

Nikon Altera is one of the highest accuracy CMM in the world. Nikon CMM is designed with Superior ceramic bridge technology and provide Unique 10 years accuracy guarantee by Nikon Metrology. High Accuracy model is also available. Nikon CMM is also ready to equip with Lazer Scaner for 3D non-contact scanning for high speed measurement and reverse engineering solution.

Nikon Video Measuring Machine with computed numerical control (CNC) designed for automated metrology requirements for high accuracy and repeatability, high speed measurement and superb image resolution. Nikon iNeXIV VMA is designed for general application measurement and upgradable to Touch probing. Nikon NEXIV VMZ-R is designed for high accuracy and high magnification measurement with TTL Laser.

Optical comparator with enhanced features for improved precision and easy operation. It has oblique illumination for superior sharp images. Available in 3 different screen sizes - 12", 20" and 24". V-12 and V-20 is able to cater stage size from 2x2" up to 10x6". V-24 stage size is 9x4". This system also able to integrate into E-Max software, U-DP software and DP-E1 data processor for metrology applications.

New series of innovative and measuring microscopes designed for industrial measurement and image analysis. They integrate key performance features to ensure and guarantee the accuracy in demanding industrial environments. This system also also able to integrate into E-Max software, U-DP software and DP-E1 data processor for metrology applications.

Nikon BW series is a perfect solution for surface analysis using white light interferometry technology (also known as Two Beam Interferometry). It covers wide range of application, from rough surface to smooth surface and offers highest Z resolution 3D analysis, able to achieve up to 1pm resolution. 2 types of camera: High quality (BW-S) and high speed (BW-D). Nikon BW is available in manual operation or fully automated and programmable system.

JCM6000 NeoScope is an entirely new advanced imaging tool for bioscience research and industrial inspection fields. Well focused 3D morphological observation and backscattered electron imaging as well as compositional distribution. The Neoscope offers complete line of accessories with Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS) for elemental analysis.

Nikon offers a full line of digital cameras, addressing the varied needs of microscopists in multiple disciplines. Each Nikon digital camera is designed to work seamlessly with Nikon microscopes, peripherals, and software.

Intelligent software solutions designed to serve the needs of advanced bioresearch, clinical, industrial and documentation professionals, NIS-Elements provides a totally integrated solution for users of Nikon.

Nikon‘s newest and most sophisticated wafer loader for IC inspection microscopes. Supports macro inspection and a range of illumination system. Nikon’s proprietary technology also ensures reliable loading of ultra-thin 100µm wafers. In addition of pattern side macro inspections of all areas, macro inspection of the back side periphery and back side centre are supported as standard. Supported wafer size from 4”, 6”, 8” and 12” wafer.

Premium Nikon optics for crystal-clear image. Nikon offers complete portfolio of industrial microscopes for a wide range of applications, from basic models to sophisticated systems for high-end inspection.

Premium ergonomics for comfortable viewing through tilting eyepiece tube, easy accessible controls, electrostatic protection, vibration isolation, etc. Nikon’s acclaimed CFI60-2 optics achieve new level of brightness, contrast and operability.