Company Profile

Equipment Division

Analytical Instruments

  • ICP-OES and ICP-MS
  • Ark Spark OES
  • ED-XRF, Raman and NIR Analyser
  • WD-XRF Thin Film Measurement
  • TXRF Contamination Analyser
  • Portable XRD and Mini SEM
  • Glow Discharge Analyser
  • CHNS/O, C/S, S/Cl/N Analysers
  • Solar Radiation and PV Sensors and Evaluation
  • Thermal Conductivity and Colour Spectrometer

Measuring and Inspection Equipment

  • Wafer Inspection System (Post Probing and Post Dicing)
  • Automatic Wire Bond Inspection System
  • Wafer Roughness, Thickness and Warpage Measurement
  • Optics/IR/UV/Confocal Microscope
  • Automatic Non-Contact Video CMM
  • Non-Contact Surface Profiler
  • Real Time X-Ray Inspection
  • ED-XRF Coating Thickness Measurement
  • Solder Wettability and Bond Tester

Production Equipment

  • Automatic Laminator, Detape and Mounter
  • Automatic Moulding System
  • Semi-Automatic Wafer Mounter
  • Open-Short Test System
  • Refurbish Front End Equipment
  • Specialized Production Equipment

Material & Engineering Division

  • Dicing Blades, Back Grinding Wheel, Tapes, Dummy Wafers
  • Frames, Copper Wires, Die Bond Tools, Capillaries and De Flash Media
  • Pad Conditioner, Pads for CMP, Photo Resist and POCl3
  • Quartz, Metal and Ceramic Parts for Diffusion, Thin Film and Etch
  • Waste Gas Abatement and Monitoring System
  • Chemical Delivery System and Gas Cabinet System
  • Facilities Maintenance Work
  • Precision Machining, Grooving and Slotting on Advance Engineering Material
  • Chuck Table and Dicing Blades Reconditioning

Manufacturing Division

  • Post Wafer Probe Inspection System
  • Post Wafer Dicing Inspection System
  • Post Wire Bond Inspection System
  • Advanced Wafer Measuring System
  • Sorting, Labeling and Handling System
  • Automatic Pogo Pin Inserting System