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Our Business Structure

Product Specialists

Distribution Division
  • QES (Asia-Pacific) Sdn Bhd
        - OMI, VMX & XRI Business Unit
  • QS Instruments Sdn Bhd
        - SPI & ASI Business Units
  • QES Intra Pacific Sdn Bhd. (FKA Creden Intra Pacific Sdn Bhd)
  • QAM (Asia-Pacific) Sdn Bhd

Manufacturing Division
  • QES Mechatronic Sdn Bhd (FKA Creden Mechatronic Sdn Bhd)
  • QES Vision Solutions Sdn Bhd

Sales & Service Channels

  • QES (Asia-Pacific) Sdn Bhd
        - Kuala Lumpur Branch
        - Penang Branch
  • QES (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
  • PT QES Indonesia
  • QES (Vietnam) Co. Ltd.
  • QES (Hong Kong) Co Ltd.
  • QES (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
  • QES Technology Philippines Inc.

Market Segments

  • Semiconductor
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Automotive & Metal
  • Others
       - Higher Education Institutions
       - Petrochemical
       - Pharmaceutical

Our Competitive Strengths

Experienced Team

Value Add Solutions Provider

The Group has strong technical expertise built over 26 ​years providing value-added solutions to our distributed products. These value-added solutions primarily in the inspection, test and measurement areas are achieved through years of working together with our customers and our engineers.

Large Installed Base of Equipment

The Group has more than 8,000 installed base of equipment spread all over the world. This enables QES Group to generate stable and growing recurring revenue every year. Customers ​gets quick response time as the Group is able to keep sufficient inventory of spares for support.

Diverse Market Segments (Customers)

The Group is not overly dependent on one or two customers. Our customers are spread out to various industries such as Semiconductor, Electrical & Electronics, Automotive & Metal and Others (Higher Education Institutions, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical).

Geographical Diversity


QES Group Berhad


Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, China (Hong Kong), Indonesia & Vietnam

Board of Directors

Adnan Bin Zainol - Independent Non-Executive Chairman
Chew Ne Weng - Managing Director/President
Liew Soo Keang - Executive Director
Chia Gek Liang - Independent Non-Executive Director
Hoh Chee Mun - Independent Non-Executive Director

Main Bankers

United Overseas Bank (M) Bhd
Bangkok Bank Bhd
Malayan Banking Bhd
HSBC Bank Malaysia Bhd


Moore Stephens Associates PLT (AF002096)