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Indoors Evaluation System

The indoor automatic PV cell evaluation system is based on a solar simulator and I-V curve tracer, MP-160 or MP-180 depending on the PV cell characteristics. In combination with the optional thermal cooling plate for optimal cell temperature control and automatic transfer system, continuous measurements can be made. For testing at different cell temperatures or better control of the cell temperature, a sun simulator climate chamber can be used. The indoor PV cell evaluation system is widely used in research applications and inspection of cells during the manufacturing process. 

The high precision MP-180 I-V tracer is the ultimate research instrument for Photovoltaic cell development and quality inspection purposes. Its wide input range (µA - A) makes the MP-180 a unique all-round measurement device suitable to test all types and sizes Photovoltaic cells. When used in combination with a Pulsed or Continuous Sun Simulator, I-V curve measurements can be fully automated using the built-in trigger function either to synchronise with the flash or control of the sun simulator shutter. The MP-180 is operated by a PC using advanced software functions for visualising data, data management and to calculate specific cell parameters e.g. Rs, Rsh and other characteristic values.
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