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Mobile Arc/Spark Spectrometer

The new SPECTROTEST is a high power universal metal analyser for use in the metal producing, metal processing and metal recycling industries. This instrument can be used cordlessly with the rechargeable battery pack in difficult to reach places, for the analysis of small parts, thin wires, curved surfaces or concealed welding seams.

It can be found in action at an arc-furnace platform in a steel mill, during use for the final inspection of goods in a production operation or the identification and analysis of a wide range of metal types and alloys at the scrap yard. With its innovative technology, the SPECTROTEST is up to the challenge of each of these assignments.

Its heart consists of the plasma generator, special optic, new high-performance readout system and ICAL logic system; all innovative components that make the SPECTROTEST more precise, simpler and more reliable. Through combination with other high-quality components, the SPECTROTEST remains the most powerful spectrometer of its class.

Key Features
  • Unequalled emission spectrometer-accuracy for many different metal alloys using unique high-tech components for excitation and detection
  • Shortest analytical times: 3 s in mode and from 5 in the analytical mode
  • Carbon measurement in low alloy steel with arc in
  • Determination of nitrogen in duplex steels
  • Simple, convenient and safe operation
  • High mobility, immediately ready for measurements – anywhere
  • Flexible use through comprehensive element selection – extendable at any time

  • Metal manufacturing
  • Metal processing
  • Metal recycling
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