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Outdoors PV Evaluation System

Solar cells and modules usually show a gradual performance decline when deployed outdoors and exposed to environmental conditions. EKO evaluation systems are designed to measure the performance characteristics and maximum output power of solar cells and modules. Those are measurement quantities that physically correlate to the incident and electric load, the spectral is strongly depending on the solar spectrum and other electrical properties e.g. diode characteristics and internal resistance affecting the cell efficiency.

To get a proper understanding of the individual performance parameters or characteristics relative to the influencing measurement conditions, special measurement equipment is required. For this purpose, EKO offers an adequate measurement solution for most relevant quantities.

To test the long-term stability of PV modules, most obvious with EKO's MP-160 based outdoors test system the I-V characteristics of PV cells and modules can be measured simultaneously with various meteorological components like irradiance, wind, humidity and pressure. The PV measurement system is based on a single or multi-channel I-V curve tracer with module switching units and data logger.

With EKO's indoor test system cell can be tested in a controlled environment according to the several test standard defined to measure module performance and stability.

The outdoor Photovoltaic (PV) module(s) evaluation system based on the MP-160 is designed to measure I-V curve and module back-side temperature to evaluate the variance of the performance of each module under the natural sun light and weather condition. The main instrument is I-V curve tracer MP-160 with additional PV modules selector, thermocouples selector and pyranometer selector can be connected to MP-160 according to the required quantity of PV modules. The measurement software “MP160o.exe” controls MP-160 and selectors. I-V curve, temperature and solar irradiance of each module are measured one by one sequentially. By setting the start, finish time of the day and time interval, the system measures all modules uninterrupted over a long period of time.
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