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Key Features
  • Direct kinematic viscosity measurement
  • Split-cell capillary channel
  • Self-contained with a high-resolution touch screen, battery and microprocessor
  • A small sample size of 60µl (about 4 drops) is easy to obtain without impacting lubricant level. Reduces waste.
  • Temperature controlled: 40°C ± 0.1°C
  • Works with transparent and opaque oils
  • Eliminates worry about solvent disposal in remote locations. Fewer items to carry.
  • Stays charged for more than 6 hours. Built-in universal charger for use worldwide; region-specific power cable included.
  • Weighs less than 1.8 kg (4 lbs.)

Specs & Applications
  • Measurement Range 10cSt – 350cSt & 1cSt – 700cSt
  • ASTM Method  ASTM Method D8092
  • Extraction of 100C viscosity using Viscosity Index (VI) input
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