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RoHS & ELV Analyser

The EA6000VX High-Sensitivity XRF Analyzer is capable of determining hazardous substances over entire surfaces as well as measuring microscopic points in a specified area; tasks that are not possible using conventional XRF instruments.  The high count rate detector (max. 150,000 ) and the large stage that scans a max. 250 mm × 200 mm area provide the high-speed mapping. For example, when mapping a 100 mm × 100 mm area, the EA6000VX can detect and specify the location of lead contained in the terminal of a mounting board in just a few minutes.

Key benefits
  • Continuous multi-
  • High-speed Mapping
  • High Count Rate Detector with No LN2 Required
  • High Precision Overlap Function
  • Microscopic Area Coating Thickness Measurements
  • RoHS Inspection
  • Light Element Measurement
  • Contaminant Analysis
Specs & Applications
  • Elements:  Atomic Number: 12 (Mg) to 92 (U);  11 Na) to 92u) (Helium )
  • Sample Type:  Solid, Powder, Liquid
  • X-ray Tube:  Air-cooled X-ray tube (Rh/w target)
  • Voltage:  15kV, 30kV, 40kV, 50kV
  • Current:  20µA to 1000µA
  • Detector:  semiconductor detector (liquid nitrogen free)
  • Analysis Area:  Square 0.2mm, 0.5mm, 1.2mm, 3mm (electric switching)
  • Chamber:  580 Wx450Dx150 H) mm;  Point and map 250 (X) x 200 (Y) mm
  • Filters:  6 mode automatic switching (including OFF)
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