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Separating & Stamping

HSA: Manual Pin Cutter

Universal, reliable, easy to use
The HSA can be used for all standard sample geometries such as round and oval samples or double medallions. Thanks to its extremely robust construction the pneumatic pin cutter is not only the right choice for laboratory use: It can also be used within the production plant where the samples are taken under tough conditions. 

Precise and safe
The pneumatic action cuts off the sprue quickly, easily and without force, directly at the body of the sample. The cutting action is performed with constant precision and is so accurate that no reworking is required. The machine is fully enclosed. There is no possibility of the sprues flying off as they are cut off. Personnel is therefore protected from injury and can work in complete safety. The sprues which have been cut off are collected within the machine housing in a collecting drawer, removal of which is straightforward.

VST: Semi-automatic Cutting Machine

Effortless sample cutting
The VST is a semi-automatic machine for cutting samples for spectrographic analysis within the shortest possible time. The VST can be used for all steel types (including pig iron), regardless of hardness and alloy type. Efficacious sample cooling and air exhaustion are integrated.

Suitable for all steel and iron grades
The cutting disks developed by HERZOG are specially mated to our machines and provide an optimum cutting effect. HERZOG cutting disks can be used for all steel types (including pig iron), regardless of hardness and alloy type. 

Minimized dust generation
The dust generated during the cutting process is removed by a built-in exhauster. The space in which the cutting process takes place is completely sealed off to prevent any escape of dust. The sample is cooled effectively during the cutting operation by aspirated cooling air. The air exhausted from the machine is purified almost completely by coarse and fine filter systems.

VNU: Manual Cutting Machine

User-friendly operation
The VNU is a manual cut-off machine for cutting. The machine offers extremely easy handling with sensitive cutting by hand operated rocker bar. The cutting discs can be easily exchanged. The cutting chamber is specially designed for maximum security and minimum dust generation.

Optimized cutting procedure
The machine offers extremely easy handling with sensitive cutting by hand operated rocker bar. The cutting discs can be easily exchanged. Further advantages are multiple fixing facilities for various work pieces. Due to the high drivingperformance there is only minimal warning of the cut surface.

Maximum safety
The cutting chamber is specially designed for maximum security and minimum dust generation. Therefore it is optimal for operation in laboratories. There is a minimum maintenance required.

HUST: Automatic/ semi-automatic punching machine

Optimal sample preparation for combustion analysis
The HUST is a punching machine for preparation punched pieces for determination of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur by combustion analysis. Up to four punched pieces with a weight of approximately 1  g can be producedsimultaneouesly. The HUST is available as a semi-automatic machine or can be integrated into a fully automatic system.

Complete automation of the process
The HUST can be part of a completely automated preparationcyclus for combustion analysis. The cutting and milling machine HS-CF can be used for preparation of cylindrical and conical samples. In the HS-CF a disc sample is produced which is automatically transported to the HUST using a chain belt. Double thickness samples can be directly inserted into the HUST after completion of OES analysis. In the HUST, the punched pieces are transported pneumatically to the laboratory and can be processed manually by the operator. Alternatively, the punched pieces can be forwarded to an automatic analysis system whithout need for further operator's intervention.

Semiautomatic HUST model
In the semi-automatic HUST model, the operator manually inserts disc sample (diameter of up to 40 mm) or double thickness samples and closes the safety cover. The punching process is started by pressing the start button. The punched pieces are pneumatically transported to a collecting container and can be removed.

Various options
According to the analytical requirements the HUST can be supplied with numerious options. The pin of pin samples as well as the tongue of double-thickness samples can be sheared by the HUST. The HUST can be equipped with a sand blasting device for scale layer removing and surface cleaning. For punching of high-strength steel the sample or sample tongue can be heated by high-frequency induction. For cooling a water cooling module is available. 

The machine is noise-insulated and specially designed for low-noise operation. Specific safety precautions allow the safe operation of the machine.

HS-CF: Automatic Cutting and Milling Machine

Preparation of various sample types
The HS-CF is the ideal machine for the fully automatic processing of cylindrical and conical steel and iron samples. A wide variety of sample shapes can be processed including round and angular samples as well as samples with and without mounting pin. Moreover, it is possible to process other sample shapes by arrangement. The only prerequisite here is that the sample must have two parallel lateral surfaces. These are required in order to fix it firmly in the clamping device. The HS-CF can handle all types of cast steel with different ranges of hardness.

Flexible sample preparation
According tosample type and analysis procedure, different preparation steps can be selected. Samples can be cut with one or two separating cuts. One possibility is to cut off a sample for the OES. The other possibility involves the extraction of a slice of varying thickness between 4 to6 mm. At a later stage, it is possible to punch samples (e.g. with the HUST) from this slice for the CNS analysis. The milling head is pre-selected to suit the quality of the steel. Single and multiple milling of samples is available with infinitely adjustable feed rate, in-feed and rotational speed. Cooling is possible after each preparation step.

Designed for manual and automatic operation
The input of samples can either be manual by the operator or automatic by a robot or via conveyor belts. Alternatively, a variety of input magazines are also available. These magazines allow input of samples to be cut before milling or which do not require any cutting.

In automatic mode, the samples can be fed directly into the machine by the robot. The cut slice, as well as the milled sample, are released automatically from the machine and can be further processed. The cut slice can, for example, be transferred automatically to the HUST in order to punch samples for CNS analysis.

Optimal milling
Two independently operated precision milling spindles can be fitted with milling cutters for various material grades. Thus there is no need to exchange tools when changing from steel to iron and vice versa. The extremely sturdy spindle bearings permit safe, sustained processing of even the hardest material grades.

Optimal cutting
The intelligent servo motor torque control guarantees particularly effective material cutting. The sturdy cutting disc drive in conjunction with the HERZOG high capacity cutting disc guarantees top speed with maximum surface quality.