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Wafer Batch ID Reader System

WID100R is mainly designed for 4” wafer size. It is designed with single port for 4” SEMI Standard 25 Slots Open Cassette. The system enable wafer alignment and wafer ID reading of complete batch in a cassette. With its multi touch panel PC and easy-to-operate system, the user can read any wafer ID and slot position inside the carrier in just few seconds. The compact design of the WID100R comes with the cassette presence and tilted sensor for cassette placement and wafer ID placement. The mapping, wafer alignment and wafer ID reading are controlled by the recipe created.
  • Designed for 4” Wafer
  • 1x Open Cassettes Station (Based on sample cassette provided)
  • Cassette Orientation Sensors (Detect reverse placement of cassette) and   Cassette “Present” and “Tilt Sensors.
  • In-cassette wafer slot mapping function
  • Wafer orientation flat alignment mechanism integrated.
  • Programmable wafer rotation for various wafer ID locations.
  • Batch wafer ID reading (Front & Back with the wafer ID on orientation flat area)
  • Recipe controlled mapping, alignment & wafer ID reading.
  • TCP-IP & RS232 data interfaces/ SECS/GEM data communication (Optional)
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