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Wafer Packing System

  • 2 x Open Cassettes station with integrated Wafer Protrusion Detection
  • Sensor (Universal for both 6” & 8”)
  • 2 x Wafer Canister Station (Configurable to 1x Canister and 1x Wafer Jar with
  • Cartesian Robot Module)
  • 1x Interleaf Paper Port (Auto-conversion between 6” & 8”)
  • Hirata 4-axis robotic arm with wafer flipping feature.
  • Built-in Sensor for wafer , interleave paper or ring spacer detection and built-in
  1. Height Sensor on Canister & Wafer Jar Loading Port for accurate robotic handling.
  2. (1x Height Sensor on “Separator Canister” Port.)
  • Cartesian Robot Module for wafer jar handling (Optional)
  • Wafer Ring Separator Handling Module for canister . Optional)
  • TCP-IP & RS232 data interfaces/ SECS/GEM data communication (Optional)
Please contact us for more information
Please contact us for more information